The International Water Treatment Manufacturers Association (IWTMA) was founded in 1976 by Thomas Cass, Sr. of Aqua Laboratories and Charles Matthews of Guardian IPCO. Membership is limited to privately-held regional water treatment companies. We have non-compete agreements within our membership.

The core values of IWTMA were used to establish the Association of Water Technologies (www.awt.org). IWTMA members have provided leadership to AWT with three presidents, a treasurer, water technologist of the year, and two other board members including three founders of AWT. All of the IWTMA members promote the Certified Water Technologist.

The IWTMA spring conference is typically a private meeting. The closed conference is for the upper levels of management of the companies. We share financial information and marketing strategies as well as technological information. In emergencies, we manufacture product for each other or provide help in any way we can.

We create ongoing Performance Benchmarks for Financial Statistics, Sales Analysis (representative’s performance standards), and Quality Control Methods, etc. We have participated in executive training programs together.

IWTMA members worked together in the 1980’s to develop water treatment specific software before any other companies. We have also performed trials on new technology including a non-chemical device.

If you are interested in our organization, please contact Cindy Mitchell, CWT at cindy@guardian-ipco.com and reference IWTMA.