Protect your valuable heat transfer equipment from the cold

Keep your closed loop systems protected.  Get a jump on the upcoming winter months!  Ultra Pure food grade inhibited Propylene Glycol now available at competitive pricing for all of our customers!

Ice on pipe

Propylene glycol (PG) is a clear, colorless liquid with the consistency of syrup. It is practically odorless and tasteless. It is hygroscopic (attracts water), has low toxicity and outstanding stability, as well as high flash and boiling points, low vapor pressure and broad solvency.

The main use for Propylene Glycol in the water treatment industry is for freeze protection of closed loop piping during the winter months. Guardian-IPCO offers a top quality product which is very high purity food grade.

Protect yourself during a power outage when you are not able to recirculate the system water.  Sleep well at night, knowing your system is protected when temperatures hit the teens and below!

Uninhibited vs. Inhibited

This picture shows a 30% solution of uninhibited propylene glycol on the left and the same solution of Guardian IPCO’s ultra pure food grade inhibited PG on the right. Both samples have a couple of fragments of steel material submerged.  You can see that after just a few days there is major corrosion already beginning on the uninhibited sample while the inhibited GI product is doing a great job of protecting against corrosion.

Don’t let this happen to your tubes!

During the winter months in freezing temperatures your exposed equipment can incur major damage if left unchecked.  Water freezes at 32 degrees and the colder it gets once it turns to ice, the more it expands in volume.  This can be disastrous to your delicate tubing and cause major leaks once the thaw sets in.  Our inhibited PG product at the right mixture can significantly lower the freezing point of your system water and prevent this kind of damage.

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