Service quality is the most critical part of any water treatment program. The representative managing your treatment program has to be on top of his game. He has to pay attention to detail and be aware of potential upsets that can adversely affect treatment program performance and economics. In the final analysis, you aren’t buying chemicals – you are actually buying expertise, knowledge, experience, and commitment.

All Guardian IPCO activities are directed by our Quality Management System, which includes our field service activities. Our representatives receive continual training in field service requirements so that they know exactly what they are doing.

All Guardian IPCO representatives use The Analysis Pad (TAP®) which is our custom-designed service reporting software. In addition to reporting, TAP also has trend analysis and graphing capabilities making it an extremely valuable tool for managing water treatment programs.

Data points that can be monitored by TAP include:

Make up water usage
Chiller approach temperatures
Boiler stack gas temperatures
Blowdown/bleed-off adjustments
Product residual analyses
Product inventory
Proportioning pump settings and adjustments
Conductivity/pH controller settings and adjustments
Microbiological analyses

TAP is used in our Guardian Shield Program that identifies and corrects treatment programs experiencing chronic problems. The Guardian Shieldinvolves the service representative, Guardian IPCO technical support, and Guardian IPCO management in formulating a solution to the problem and communicating it to our clients’ management to insure rapid resolution. Click here for more information on the Guardian Shield Program.

Video boroscope is another valuable tool in our arsenal that is used during internal inspections of various heat transfer equipment. Being able to see the location and extent of deposits prior to a washout, is often crucial in determining how a treatment program failure occurred and how to modify the program to prevent its recurrence.

When you partner with Guardian IPCO for your water treatment programs, you get a complete team dedicated to your needs.