At Guardian IPCO, we feel that education plays a key role in the success of a water treatment program. From management to engineering, to maintenance everyone involved needs to be aware of why water treatment is necessary and what can be accomplished by a properly applied water treatment program. For this reason, we offer The Fundamentals of Water Treatment and Chemistry seminar to fill this need.

The seminar covers basic chemistry, cooling water applications, boiler water applications, and closed system applications with an emphasis on the fundamentals involved. Water treatment and chemistry terminology is put into words that anyone can easily understand. It isn’t necessary to be a current Guardian IPCO client to benefit from the seminar. All chemicals are referred to generically.

Attendees earn 8 Continuing Education Units. The Fundamentals of Water Treatment and Chemistry is typically held in Birmingham, AL but we possibly can come to your facility for the presentation. Feel free to contact us with your requirements.

The fee for our seminar is $50 per person. If two or more people attend from the same company, the fee is $35 per person.

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These one hour technical sessions address specific topics of interest and are more detailed than The Fundamentals of Water Treatment and Chemistry seminar. Some of the requested topics are the ASHRAE 188P Standard, best management practices for the prevention of Legionnaire’s Disease, water treatment in geothermal systems, and alternate make up water sources. These sessions are particularly helpful to engineers, mechanical contractors, and maintenance managers.

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